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The prompt of Marlboro Cigarette in Rural market

Present situation, the problem is put forward, it should be said that the importance of doing a good job in rural cigarette market is no delay. This is not only related to the rural convenience services, but also related to the survival and development of the industry. So the key question is how to develop the rural cigarette market in the end? Some views on the following talk about the author.

First, by remote areas near the town of radiation. The current rural remote areas due to sparsely populated, traffic inconvenience. So all over the country to increase the construction of new rural areas, concentrated to the location of the superior location of the township near the relocation, closer. Thus, more and more residents in remote areas, a large population density near the township. Therefore, the customer manager to guide customers to fully tap the potential of the township near the expansion of the Marlboro cigarette market.

Two, to increase publicity, and guide rational consumption. The client manager should strengthen the propaganda of the rural cigarette marketing, and require the customer to pay more attention to the sales of cigarettes. To do everything possible to tap the market potential. Second, customers themselves should fully aware of the good sales of Marlboro cigarettes is conducive to the sale of goods. Therefore, to guide residents to reasonable consumption. In particular, to improve the cigarette brand, to the health, fashion, the right grade of the brand closer.

Three, use modern technology for marketing. Customer manager to teach rural customers to establish the concept of advancing with the times, learn to use WeChat, QQ and other modern network technology. Do marketing campaigns in the circle of friends, relatives, full access to business opportunities; you can also use the relatives in rural areas, rural folk party time publicity; can also look for opportunities in the alcohol and Marlboro cigarette consumption in the rural construction and so on. It can be said that only a wide range of business opportunities, in order to better do a good job of cigarette sales. The countryside is not only complex terrain, in fact, interpersonal relationship is also very complex. The competition between each family name is fierce, which increases the difficulty of the retail operation. Retailers to improve the cigarette business, it must protect the cigarette market, we must consciously abide by the law, for cigarette sales in accordance with the "tobacco monopoly law". At the same time trying to do a good job of neighborhood relations, in particular, some of the family relationship. To convince themselves, to support themselves.