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The hot selling of Newport Cigarette

In the first half of this year, the face of the grim situation of the market, the Newport Cigarette company adhere to seek progress, change in the win, "the real dragon" brand remarkable performance - although business sales up slightly by 0.15%, but single-box sales bucked the trend to $ 248 million, an increase of 6.5%; three more than the industry average increase in cigarette sales, especially a three types of smoke eye-catching performance, an increase of key brands were ranked the top three industries."We adhere to the 'market more respect, more respect for the dealers, more respectful of consumers' marketing concept, to strive for this year 'brand protection, insurance market, insurance benefits' victory." Xia Zhang Yu, general manager of China Tobacco Guangxi said.With pioneers of courage and perseverance, Guangxi Tobacco steadily travels on the "+ Internet marketing" road, innovative marketing tools, to seek market penetration.

Two-dimensional code marked on Newport cigarette packs, each pack of cigarettes given only "identity card", this seemingly effortless a small step, but in reality the effective shielding of counterfeit cigarettes at the same time, driven by "real dragon" brand development has taken a big step forward.After two years of exploration and promotion, "buy 'real dragon', sweep the two-dimensional code, earn 'credits Dragon' 'has become a" pink dragon "(real dragon members) habitual action. "Long powder" in recognition of "real dragon" quality to meet the foundation's own native consumer demand, through the Guangxi 1000 "true Dragon House" model shop to participate in activities to get to experience the fun, consumer benefits and value- added services. Interesting and colorful activities, is attracting more consumers to join make "dragon coins" in the ranks. As of the end of July this year, the real dragon membership reached 119.7 million, the amount of daily scan code up to 16 million times the cumulative amount of 55,010,000 times scan code.

"Long money" is not virtual game currency, which can directly exchange real gift. Guangxi Tobacco and cooperation Jingdong Mall, making gift exchange become easy, free and fast."Smoke powder" easy "Paul powder" difficult. To achieve long-term "fresh", the Guangxi Newport Cigarette user experience, service and down the foot work."We focus on the user experience to create a new model of internet marketing, by 'internet marketing plus experience marketing' additive effect to the implementation of 'ignite consumer passion' core marketing strategy." According to the Guangxi tobacco marketing center manager Wei Dewen introduced this year Guangxi tobacco and constantly improve the two- dimensional code Member platform functionality - optimized platform architecture level and level indicators, and marketing activities and business quickly scan code in parallel; for background modular transformation to meet the needs of different marketing programs design.